A downloadable game for Windows

 I plan on adding more features like a slow motion button and more! You can expect more levels and objects to throw in the near future. Please keep in mind im a new game dev/coder so these things may take a while to implement.

Options is a work in progress.

Bugs: Game freezes when loading into the level for a second time. The temporary solution is to simply hit Esc to unfreeze


Esc = Pause

WASD = Movement

Left Click = Fire

Scroll Up = Switch Guns

R = Slow Motion

Move Mouse = Look Around

Install instructions

First unzip the file. Then open the folder. Finally click on the EXE file.


Physics Blocks Alpha 1.0.zip 38 MB
Physics Blocks Alpha 1.1.zip 45 MB
Physics Blocks Dev Alpha 1.2.2.zip 53 MB

Development log

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